Mahrem Wines; A Real Turkish Delight

Club Vivanova hosts over sixty international gourmet networking events every year at five star partner restaurants and leading hotels across Europe. One of the most interesting partnerships they have developed is with Turkish wine producers, Mahrem wines. We managed to catch up with them to find out a little more about the incredible Mahrem taste, and indeed the amazing story behind their delicious wines.
Why have you chosen Club Vivanova to promote your brand?

We attended one of Club Vivanova‘s events last year, and saw that Mr. Mitton was very professionally organized with his events, and the crowds that attended the events were very important people with exquisite taste for life. We believe that our wines and Club Vivanova would be a perfect match to reach out to the consumers that we know will appreciate Mahrem Wines.

Turkey is not well known for wine – how does it compare?

Turkey, i.e. Anatolia, is the birthplace of viticulture. Especially the region where we produce wine has been a very important region in ancient history. Wine has been shipped from our harbour to all of Europe during the Roman Empire rule. However over time, especially over recent history, viticulture and winemaking have been less popular, and wine production has diminished drastically. Now, we have emerging producers in every viticultural region of Anatolia, and every producer is working to improve production style, and quality of the wine produced as homage to what we once possessed on our soil.  We can see today that wines produced in Turkey are becoming more and more interesting for European consumers.

Why do you see Monaco as a great place for clients?

As I mentioned before, people living and spending their time in Monaco are valuable people with exquisite taste for life, and we always feel welcome with our wines at every event that we attend in Monaco.  We receive great feedback from the consumers here, and we feel that our special wines will accompany their lifestyle perfectly.

Why does New World wine have a place in the South of France?

The market is now in search for new tastes, new adventures in wine.  That is why our wines  are becoming more and more popular in Europe, and especially in South of France.  It is thanks to our style of consistent quality and innovative grapes from Italy and France with proven success that is certified with many gold medals from important European wine competitions.

What are the difficulties making wine in a country with an Islamic government?

The problems that we face in our country is rather related to marketing our products, and not that much about production.  It is forbidden by law to advertise alcoholic drinks, or to sponsor any event.  We also cannot sell our products online, so our hands are a bit tied when it comes to marketing.  We try to overcome this hurdle by means of tourism.  Many winemakers have now transformed their wineries/estates into places that people can visit and stay, much like agrotourism.  So now we advertise our estates and vineyards, and when we receive our visitors, it becomes a great experience for them, seeing the vineyard, the winery, and hearing our stories about our wines and our special project.  We find ways to adapt to the situation!

Why should I serve your wine at my party?

First of all, our wines are one of a kind. It is a special innovative Italian project that came into life on fertile ancient wine-growing soils of Urla in Turkey (ancient Klazomenai).  It is the best of many worlds. We incorporate Italian winemaking with French-and-Italian-developed new varietals, which are selected carefully to fit the most favorable climate zone for viticulture, enriched by the fertile soil of Urla.  We are a small boutique family winery, making wine carefully, with little to no manipulation both in the vineyard and the winery in order to bring out the simple beauty of each varietal in our bottles.  Our wines tell our story, and carry our terroir into the glass. With every sip that you and your guests take, we will be sharing our story with you.