Axium Nanofibers LLC to present at Monaco Growth Forum, Spring Edition 2016

In 2016, the MGF Spring Edition is taking place on March 15th and 16th, 2016. It is hosted by Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Continental Access Ltd at Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Monte Carl, and is incredibly pleased to welcome presenting company, Axium Nanofibers, LLC.

Axium Nanofibers has developed highly advanced nano-manufacturing technologies that establish the basis for a disruption in the energy storage industry. Lithium ion technology has become the predominant rechargeable battery chemistry for smart phones, electric vehicles or EVs and everything else mobile. However, the energy storage capacity of lithium ion batteries has only doubled in 25 years and the rate of innovation has slowed dramatically, limiting advances in microprocessors and mobile software. The EV industry is also dependent on lithium ion technology and has been unable to develop cars that deliver both range and an affordable price point for their consumers, constraining the possibility of mass adoption. Axium’s core technologies have enabled the development of next generation battery technologies that store 4 times more energy than conventional lithium ion batteries and could be produced as thin, lightweight and flexible materials, critical to transforming the form and function of mobile devices as well as significantly extending the range of EVs. Axium is led by CEO Eric Donsky, who has built other disruptive start-ups from inception through public listings on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

CEO and Founder of Axium Nanofibers LLC, Eric Donsky has over 20 years experience in building clean-tech and
life science companies as a founder and senior manager. More information is available at: