Growth Company Conferences and the Importance of Presenting Alongside Your Peers.

As a conference organizer and investment banker, I am often asked whether a personalized roadshow or a conference presentation offers more value in terms of Investor Exposure. My response is invariably that both exercises serve a unique purpose in attracting and retaining investors in the hyper competitive world of growth company financing.

A well-organized conference is to Investor Exposure what a political debate is to presidential candidates. The value that can be placed on the ability to present alongside other companies in various growth sectors is immense. Many CEOs have shared with me that the greatest challenge of presenting to a group of investors is doing so during a conference that features their peers. This has to do with the fact that we really don’t know how outstanding our business presentation is until we must compare it with those of other growth company gurus. More importantly, having the confidence to present alongside an elite group of executives elevates our own importance within the investor community that we all seek to attract.

Investors obviously appreciate meeting companies one-to-one but are often compelled to direct their attention to a company within a sector that they wouldn’t normally have considered simply because they are impressed by their presentation. Hence, an investor that who might not be interested in meeting on a single-company roadshow might end up financing a company that he or she meets at a conference.

Most importantly, a winning conference offers various networking opportunities such as Cocktails and Dinners during which company executives and investors can freely mingle. Millions of dynamic business relationships have been conceived in just such a setting, away from the formality of a presentation in the office of an investor.

At our Spring Edition of the Monaco Growth Forum, I look forward to helping to foster at least a hundred or so new business alliances and friendships. Onwards and upwards towards an amazing 2016!

Andrea Porcelli, The Little Red Book of IR