Guest Post: The Future of Preseason Matches in The NFL

Here at CityOut, we are HUGE fans of sport. This week we hear from our friends in the US about the uncertain future of preseason matches in the NFL.

Whats On In Monaco

These are uncertain times in the world of American National Football League. The long standing tradition of preseason matches is under attack. We may very well be in the last days of preseason matches. There has been a lot of talk about the month long football exhibition. This chatter seems to be culminating into what might be some major changes in how teams prepare for the upcoming season.

Although we can rest assured that change is inevitably coming, it is definitely clear that the financial impact of games guarantees they will be around for a while. The team’s owners will not take the cancellation of preseason matches lying down. After all they are a major cash cow. However, the league’s commissioner has clearly had enough of the half-baked product.

The Proposed Solutions

The poor attendances at the preseason matches, poorly executed matches and the high number of injuries are the main culprits in the drive to do away with preseason matches. However, the money-end of the equation strongly suggests that the games will not be totally removed all at once. One direction that may be followed is to reduce the number of preseason games from four to two.

The other proposal is to increase the time the teams practise and also encourage joint practise sessions between teams. Online casino players put their bet on the best players, when they are betting.

Possible Effects

As the NFL is on a major image improvement drive one of the obvious effects is that the league will appear to be more concerned with player safety. The league owners will experience a slight dip in their revenues. Gamblers both online and at land based outlets will have less material to use in their data collection as they prepare for the betting season. It might be sad that the biggest effect might be felt away from the field or the teams’ boardrooms. Since most bets are now placed online, the online gambling community might feel the worst pinch and they have no say in the issue. Visit for casino game reviews and sports betting.