Is Everyone Having More Fun Than You?

Sometimes when you sit on the couch on a Friday night with nothing to do, you tend to wonder what others are getting up to. You wonder if they are also sitting at home doing nothing or perhaps browsing on an online magazine like city connect Mag or even out and about, somewhere on the Cote d’Azur, having huge amounts of fun. For some reason, we tend to hold an implausible and pessimistic belief that other people have superior social lives than us. According to a study that was conducted recently, this could be attributed to the fact that people share their lives on social media networks every day.

Whenever we think about socializing, we tend to compare ourselves to most of our friends and acquaintances. A number of studies asked participants to consider their own social lives as well as those of people they knew. The participants wrongly concluded that other people had more friends than them. Also, they believed that their counterparts were actually closer to the inner circles of their social groups. Not only that, they thought that they attended more parties than them.

In general, some people have fuller calendars than others. However, the social life of an average person is exactly that – average. However, we really have no clue how people who are less active on social media spend their time. We do not know if they simply play the puzzles at  or are engaging in leisurely activities on the beach, or perhaps up in the mountains.

In general, we all tend to misunderstand the lives of enviable people. We tend to believe that people who are attractive, smart and popular or wealthy experience positive moments every day. We think that they actually have fewer negative moments than us.

At play too is selective social imagination. Whenever we think of those wealthy, gifted or popular friends of ours, we never focus on what it would be like to be them on a random day. We never think about how they live their lives away from the spotlight.

Because we never see their lives away from the spotlight, we actually forget to account for them. We only imagine them having fabulous lifestyles. It’s good to always consider these people normal, leading normal daily lives.

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