Monaco 2K Team Race

Yacht Club de Monaco was the host for another exciting racing event as it put on its first edition of 2K Team Racing, with teams coming from all over the world to compete.

Following the success of the Monaco Optimist Team Racing Championship (11-13 January 2013), the Yacht Club de Monaco organised a weekend where two boats race against two boats, in J/24s and open to adults.

monaco-2k-teamThis first edition of the Monaco 2K Team Race was organised in collaboration with Bruce Hebbert, International Umpire, specialist in this discipline, which uses the team’s result rather than the individual boat’s result to decide the winner. Each team is composed of two crews of four members per boat with a minimum of three female sailors.

“Within our sports and educational programme for highly skilled sailors, we wish to support this racing format, which needs perfect knowledge of racing manoeuvres and rules. The format is paradoxically very easy to understand as it is the team with last place that loses. I would also like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to our society members, notably Joshua Warren and Ian Ilsley, who introduced this exciting new race format and more generally to all the volunteers who are involved in our Club’s life and race activities” commented Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Following the Round Robin raced over the first two days between the seven teams entered (representing 5 nations), the top three teams were clearly identified: The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the Serpentine and the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

Fourth place was bitterly contested, between the Dutch Match & Team Racing Association and the Yacht Club de Monaco, lead by the Rodelato Family, during the final phases on Sunday morning.

After getting a good start, the Monaco team managed to resist the Dutch attacks until the last downwind leg when the Dutch broke through to victory on the finish line.

In the semi finals, there was some memorable jousting between the top four teams. With the undefeated Italian team from YCCS emerging to meet the very talented young British team from the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

In the first race of the final, the British team came from behind to win the race, in the second race, the Italians dominated from the start, leaving the British with no tactical opportunities. All was left to be played for in the final race. Despite winning the start, the British found themselves heavily pressurised by the superb sailing of the Italians with numerous protests and position changes, the race was only finally decided as the teams approached the finish line with the British taking the line honours.

The Royal Thames Yacht Club team, lead by Andy Cornah, proved once again their perfect tactical mastery and team cohesion, all so necessary for this discipline.

Next YCM rendezvous: J/24 Monaco Championship, on 16 & 17 March, followed by the Smeralda 888 Challenge de Printemps, from 22 to 24 March 2013.