Top Marques 2016 – The Premier Auto Show of Monaco

One of the most spectacular events in the Monegasque calendar is nearly upon us. The official countdown to the 13th edition of Top Marques has officially started! Furthermore, Monaco’s, and arguably Europe’s, premier auto show has been described as “the ONLY event in the world where potential clients get to try out the super-car of their dreams on a Grand Prix circuit.” 

Already on the streets of Monaco, car enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement about this years show which will take place in and around the Grimaldi Forum from April 14th to 17th 2016.

This year, visitors to Top Marques can expect to see the launch of at least three ‘never seen before cars’ – it has also been selected to host the world premiere of the ArcaBoard, the world’s first every flying hover board!

Some of the other amazing exhibits at Top Marques Monaco 2016 will include:

  • The Icona Vulcano, the world’s first ever supercar made entirely of titanium
  • The Donkervort D8 GTO, one of the fastest street-legal cars on the road
  • The Corvette Z06, a sensational supercar with 659 hp available for test drive on the F1 circuit
  • Iconic Porsches by Gemballa
  • The brand new Lexus range including the RX 450h
  • The Martin Jetpack, the world’s first practicable jetpack
  • The Kormaran, a transforming boat which changes form at the switch of a button
  • The ProRace jet surf – the world’s first ever hybrid motorized board

The official website also states that there are many more exclusive exhibits that will be announced on March 22nd! As soon as we hear anything – we’ll let you know and undoubtedly whet your appetite even further for this astonishing and breath-taking event that could only happen in Monaco.

Top Marques opening hours are

Thursday, April 14th from 10am – 8pm

Friday, April 15th from 10am – 8pm

Saturday, April 16th from 10am – 8pm

Sunday, April 17th 10am – 7.30pm