What Are The BIGGEST Annual Events in Monaco?

Set along the Mediterranean coast of France is our wonderful Principality of Monaco. We are a tiny independent country with a huge personality. At any given time here you can find a load of glitz, glamour, and celebrity events going on. Some visit Monaco for the sights, sounds, and food, while others favor its gorgeous Belle Epoque casino — Royal Vegas casino Australia probably have the best video poker, but when it comes to trying your luck in a lavish setting, few places beat Belle Epoque. Here are a few yearly events held in Monaco that make it such a special destination.

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht ShowThe country’s yachting scene is huge, so it’s quite fitting that the largest yacht show of the year is held in Monaco each September. In addition to the in-water displays and unveiling of the latest models from some of the world’s most legendary shipyards, this show features parties and celebrities never fail to make an appearance each year.


Monte-Carlo Rally

For over a century, the Monte-Carlo Rally has thrilled spectators and provided the ideal place to host the rivalry between the towns of Monte-Carlo and Nice, France. Historic rivalry aside, this January event attracts loads of visitors from around the world and is an amazing experience, especially for car enthusiasts. Racing fans who enjoy rallies will love the great car themed games at Royal Vegas casino.

International Circus Festival

Monaco CircusAnother event held each January in Monaco is the International Circus Festival, which is unlike anything most people have seen. There’s your ordinary circus with a few fun acts, then there’s this incredible display. It came about in the 1970s when Prince Rainier set out to create an event that showcased the best of the best circus performers on the planet. Only a select few big top acts are chosen to be included in the festival, and it’s a great tradition that’s loved by kids and adults alike.

Rose Ball

Princess Grace was one of Monaco’s most famous royal members, and ever since 1954 the Rose Ball has been held in Monaco every March to benefit the charitable foundation that bears her name. Thousands upon thousands of exquisite roses are put on display to decorate the venue where famous performers come to the stage to raise money for a good cause. This is one of the few fundraisers of this caliber to be open to the public, which is why the Rose Ball is so popular.

Formula 1 Grand Prix and Monte-Carlo Historic Grand Prix

Monaco Grand PrixMonaco has one of the oldest and most amazing racing scenes in the world, and the nation hosts two of the most prestigious events on the planet: the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Monte-Carlo Historic Grand Prix. Each takes place in town in May and draws huge crowds of visitors from all corners of the globe. One thing that makes the Formula 1 Grand Prix so distinctive is that it all goes down on Monaco’s city streets — no other race in the world can make that claim or provide such an immersive experience for spectators. The games at Royal Vegas casino are another way to catch a few thrills, and you can also win fabulous prizes.