209 Mare: bringing the gentleman back to the beach

A new men’s luxury clothing brand is about to hit the Principality and beware gentlemen – it plans on breaking all the rules.

Set to launch in spring 2017, 209 Mare is a high fashion label which has been inspired by the timelessly glamorous Art Deco period of 1920s French Riviera and specialises in sumptuous Italian-crafted beachwear.

Inspired by the premise ‘a Mare & Vivere’ – to love and to live, Co-founder and Creative Director Federico Uribe set up 209 Mare in autumn 2016 with brother Gabriel, following a life-changing accident the previous year.

On the 20th September 2015 (hence 209) in the Spanish capital of Madrid, MBA student Federico fell from the third storey of a building, straight into the car park below. Miraculously he survived and empowered by the second chance life had given him, he decided to follow his dream of working in fashion and create a brand that would stand the test of time.

Federico and Gabriel subsequently travelled through Italy sourcing the finest materials and manufacturers, with the culmination of their efforts being an exclusive range of luxury beachwear, fashioned using the same expert craftsmanship as lines produced by Armani, Hermes, and Versace.


The signature garment from their range is the opulent and unique 209 Blazer. Elegantly combining the concepts of both the blazer and the bathrobe, Federico  has crafted a UV-resistant and wrinkle-averse jacket that brings the notion of the gentleman back to the beach. Casual enough to wear during the day, while remaining sophisticated enough to donin the evening, the 209 blazer can even be used in lieu of a towel due to its innovative bamboo lining; a fabric which is three times more absorbent than a cotton towel.

To uphold the exclusive nature of the brand, only a highly limited and controlled number of 209 Blazers will be produced, allowing 209 Mare clientele to be part of a unique and highly sought after experience.

However, the innovative blazer is not all the Uribe brothers have up their sleeve. Continuing the glamorous Art Deco theme, 209 Mare also boast a range of beautifully tailored swim shorts. The garments have been created using the finest Italian nylons which have been thoughtfully designed to perfectly complement any blazer from their luxury range.


Impressively, style is not the only selling point of 209 Mare’s swim short range, with each item  flawlessly packaged in its own water-resistant pouch. The high quality nylon pouches are enhanced with a functional hanging clip, meaning gentlemen will be able to safely carry their phone, keys or sunscreen while hanging out at the beach club or on the yacht.

So there it is all you discerning gentleman of the Principality. If you want to set your own high fashion agenda this summer, head to 209 Mare and break the rules in style #BTRIS.

CONTACT: 209 MARE, 74 Boulevard d’Italie, 98000 Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)7 85 99 85 27

Email: contact@209mare.com

Initial press release provided by Relevance