4 Compelling Reasons to Book a Helicopter Ride to the Airport in NY

In a city where every minute counts, wasting time stuck in traffic is not really an option for many. While a yellow cabs ride from East 34th Street to Newark airport can take well over an hour at peak timings, a rented chopper can cover the distance in less thanw 6 minutes. Bypassing signals and traffic deadlocks, you get to enjoy a luxurious commute to the airport without the worry of missing your flight.

Considering there are more than a few New York Airport helicopter transfer services out there, you are never too far away from a helipad with a chopper ready to leave. Helicopter transfer services in New York had a different operational model. When it started out, helicopters were privately booked by CEOs and celebrities. The reservation of the entire aircraft was not cheap and would cost around $2000 for a single trip.

The new model of helicopter airport transfers allows passengers to book a single seat in a pre-scheduled flight. Instead of paying thousands of dollars, passengers are now able to book a flight to the airport at much cheaper rates. A lot of operators announce special discounts to fill up empty seats which drive the cost further down.

No matter how you look at it, hiring a helicopter is never going to be as economical as renting an Uber. However, there are certain advantages to renting a helicopter to make your way to the airport.

Save Time: Many executives working in Manhattan have to leave after a busy day at work to directly catch a flight. When leaving from certain parts of the city at peak traffic hours, you need to account for traffic jams. So much so, that it wastes a good hour or so of what could have been time spent productively. With the travel time cut down to less than 10 minutes, hiring a helicopter makes sense for busy individuals. People who are running late can also quickly rent a helicopter transfer service online and get to their airports on time.

They Are More Affordable Than You Think: As explained earlier, helicopter transfers are now cheaper than ever. The entry of budget helicopter transfer services has also encouraged others in the industry to drop their prices.

Most Reputed Carriers Have a Great Safety Record: There is always a certain degree of uncertainty when flying. Even though road accidents are much more rampant in the city, people could use an extra bit of assurance when renting a helicopter ride. Thankfully, most leading helicopter services in New York boast an excellent safety record and they hire experienced and qualified pilots.

You Get to Enjoy a Great View:  Once you escape the busy streets and take to the sky you can experience the famous New York’s skyline like you have never seen it before. Offering a much better view than a commercial aircraft’s tiny window, you get to see the city in all its glory as you make your way to the airport. The view alone makes it a great choice for first-time visitors.