5 Reasons To Visit The Casino de Monte Carlo

The Casino de Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s most famous attractions, if not its very best known. It’s an iconic establishment not just because of its gaming offerings, but because of its general status as a hub for high rollers and celebrities. Still, the word “casino” doesn’t appeal to everybody who might be traveling through. Some just might not be interested in the games, some might understandably be averse to putting real money on the line, and some might even consider brick-and-mortar casinos to be attractions of the past.

Those are all understandable reasons to hesitate. But the truth of the matter in this case is that the Casino de Monte Carlo is not world famous by accident. It’s an exceptional venue, and one you should make a point of checking out if you’re traveling in the area, even if you never purchase a single chip. Below are five reasons why.

1. Pure Beauty

This is a little difficult to express in words, but suffice it to say the Casino de Monte Carlo will probably be one of the most ornate and beautiful buildings you’ve ever stepped into. It looks and feels like a Renaissance or Victorian era palace in places (though the actual gaming floors are at least a little bit simpler in appearance).

If you’re skeptical of a write-up like this and just don’t see how a casino could be particularly attractive without being gaudy, you might want to take a look at some of the 360-degree virtual tours that are featured at the venue’s website. In particular, take a look at the Atrium, the in-house opera theater, and Salle des Ameriques (where some of the American-style games are played). You’ll see enough creative architecture, fantastic ornamentation, and brilliant furnishing to convince you that Casino de Monte Carlo really does feel like a palace.

2. The Slot Selection

The common sentiment today is that casino gaming, and particularly slots, are so commonly available and easily accessible online that it’s pointless to play them in person. Online slots had already made this kind of gaming incredibly easy, and they’ve now become even more accessible thanks to mobile integration on iPhones and other popular devices. You can essentially have hundreds of slot machines at your hip whenever you like. But you can’t quite have them like you get them in Monte Carlo.

This casino has a large and incredibly attractive slot floor, and while you’ll find some of the same games you can find online, you’ll also find bigger and better experiences. Themes for the games range from Zorro to Game Of Thrones, and even the machines themselves come in a variety. Some of them, for instance, are large, curved screens, several feet high, providing more of a visual thrill than at just about any other popular casino (and certainly than anything online or on a mobile device). Really it speaks to the quality of the venue that even the slots are somewhat majestic.

3. Dealer Quality

We won’t spend too long on this point, but consider it something of an extension of the point made about slot selection. Yes, you can find table games online, and in some cases these days they’re even sophisticated enough to have live dealers. It stands to reason though that one of the most famous casinos in the world would have some of the best dealers. This really does make a difference when you sit down at a table, so it’s something to keep in mind.

4. Salon Rose

Salon Rose is the main fine dining establishment included in the Casino de Monte Carlo complex, and as you’d probably expect it has quite the reputation. Typically described as a high-end brasserie (and often referred to as Le Salon Rose), it’s a distinctly French-feeling restaurant, though one that also has its own dose of the royal, palace-like vibe that exists throughout the casino. Some of the tables are next to tall windows with gorgeous views of the sea, and the Mediterranean-inspired menu will provide probably the best meal you have in Monaco (though there are plenty of other great high-end restaurants in Monte Carlo).

5. Film History

This is a point that has less to do with your actual experience in the casino, though you might enjoy being there more if you know some of the history. We’ve actually noted before that the casino has been used as a film set for some very famous movies, including GoldenEye, Never Say Never Again, and Ocean’s Twelve (though it was not, as many people mistakenly believe, used for the 2006 film Casino Royale).