5 Unknown Facts About Cricket Leagues Around The World

Cricket was first recorded as a popular sport in 16th century England. Since those early days, Cricket has become a global favourite which is played nearly all year long. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the sport, Cricket is a ball and bat sport which consist of two teams; each with eleven players. These two teams compete for head to head with the goal of hitting the ball past the opponent’s stumps; called the wicket, on either side of the field while their adversary attempts to defend their posts.

The basics of this sport are simple to understand, yet in all its simplicity, there is certain finesse to playing Cricket which adds on a level of complexity and excitement to the game for its players as well as its hundreds of thousands of fans. With its high energy players and the unpredictable game plays it’s easy to see how Cricket fans are always ready for some good ol’ fashion competition. Currently, Australia holds the record as the dominating team in test matches. One of the ways fans get in on the action is by placing bets on their favourite teams through global Cricket tournament websites. One of which is a website which tracks insights and provides bluebet cricket odds for the upcoming matches from different countries around the world; allowing the user to place his or her bet on whatever team they may choose all while keeping up with the action right from the comfort of their home. Though Cricket is such a widely known sport you may be surprised to find that are still surprising facts about cricket that remain unknown to most.

  1. Cricket used to be popular in America.

As hard as it is to believe the widely known UK sport, Cricket had a home in the hearts of many Americans from 1834 to 1914. During this time there were 46 clubs dedicated to cricket fans and players. The game was so popular, in fact, that on the onset of America’s first international game of Cricket against Canada there was an estimated spectator attendance of nearly 20,000 people. Unfortunately, America’s fascination with this sport began to decline rapidly during the early 1900s and faded into the shadows of sports such as baseball, and basketball.

  1. The longest match in cricket history lasted 10 days.

In 1939, an international match was held in South African between a South African team and a team from England. This single match was so intense, each team refusing to have victory declared over them, that the match lasted for ten gruelling days. After a week and three days of battle, the match has declared a draw due to the English teams need to catch there scheduled ship home.

  1. The rivalry of the Ashes Match.

With the sport of cricket, there is one competition which holds the title for the oldest and longest continuous rivalry match in Cricket history. The Ashes match has been an annual and biannual match played between Australia and England since 1882. This match consist of several test matches played over a period of two to three weeks as both a remembrance of England’s defeat in 1882 and a vow to defeat their rivals. The naming of this match comes from an old story which states that when England was defeated, a group of woman declared it the death of England Cricket and burned the bails (the small wooden sticks which form the wicket) in an urn. This urn then became the prize that the two rivals compete for each competition.

  1. Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world.

Due to the huge international following Cricket contains, it currently holds the title for the second most popular sport in the world. The attendance of the annual Ashes match as well as that of The Cricket World Cup has drawn records of 1.2 million excited fans all lined up to watch the matches unfold. In addition, due to its large international, following Cricket has become a vital part of India and Australia’s economy thanks to team sponsorships.

  1. Australia is the only country that has ever hosted a seven test series of Cricket 

Typically your average cricket test would contain a series of five matches. However, in ,1970 Australia had made the decision to have a total of seven Tests. It was due to this extended Test idea which made the Ashes match possible.

So there you have five interesting and not widely known facts about Cricket Leagues which are sure to peak your interest.