‘A Love Story’ by Calypso de Sigaldi

In a new series of stunning images for CityOut, artist Calypso de Sigaldi explores the sanctuary of marriage and shows the many roles role a woman can take to sustain romance, sensuality and entertainment in her relationship.

In this deeply sensual and at times provocative work, de Sigaldi believes the art of amour (Romance, Trust, Play, Surprise) is still very much alive in a modern-age saturated with empty, and, at times, tasteless erotic imagery.

‘I love you’ by Calypso de Sigaldi

“Romance is the essential emotion which nourishes all others. Without Romance it is difficult to have trust and to enjoy each other within a relationship Without a sincere romantic feeling there is also not respect… and then the relationship becomes something else which isn’t Love anymore.”

a-love-story-calypso-di-sigaldi-3‘Grapes ‘ by Calypso de Sigaldi

“Trust is another form of respect and there exists many ways to show Trust. The simplest one is to not be suspicious of our partners… But Trust is also to play games with your lover… Where we allow him a certain control over us and know he will not abuse it… Trust in this circumstance is in two ways… Knowing we will not come to harm and that our respectibility will be preserved. A refined can be playful but never forgets how to be trustworthy and elegant.”

a-love-story-calypso-di-sigaldi-2‘Girl on Blackjack table’ by Calypso de Sigaldi

“Games are the spice of relationships. They must be subtle, played in a dignified spirit, and clearly respected in their rules and boundaries by the couple. Many couples after many years together have tenderness for each other, mutual habits and companionship, but it’s essential to play and have mischief to keep desire alive.”

a-love-story-calypso-di-sigaldi-4‘Rock Chick’ by Calypso de Sigaldi

“A woman who is not aware of this male primal instinct to hunt will meet trouble! It is a woman’s duty to reinvent herself to surprise and ‘hunt’ the man she loves also. We know very well the story of Henri IV. The French King was not faithful to his wife, the Queen. The Pope warned him of his folly, until one day the King invited his trusty advisor to stay at the palace for a week. During the Pope’s stay, every meal served was exactly the same. On the first day the Pope was grateful, thinking the meal a delicious one. But after a week of identical meals, he started to complain. It was then the King said to the Pope: “Don’t you see! It is exactly like my Queen!”… So let us try to not serve excactly the same “meal” every time – even if we are the same woman. Be surprising!”

For all woman this Valentines Week: Respect yourself, reinvent yourself to stimulate your lover, and embrace the danger of True Love.

Thanks to…

Make-up: Ezio Fontana
Hair: Massimiliano Borrelli for Nouvelle Idee
Lingerie: Absolutely Pom
Jewelry: Marco Molinario, Monaco
Footwear: Stuart Weitzman, Monaco
Accessories: Zepter

Calypso would also like to thank Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel for use of their suites and SUN Casino (SBM) for the generous loan of the blackjack table.

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Beauty & the Beast by Calypso de Sigaldi