Exhibition: new work by Alessandra Bettòlo

What: Works by Alessandra Bettòlo
Where: The Cultural Gallery, 15 Rue des Roses, MC 98000 Monaco
When: Online now, and at the gallery 22 to 30 November

In critical times like those we’re living through, there’s something particulary powerful about combining culture and education to help fight conflicts, stereotypes, ignorance and racism. That’s why the organization Monaco Aide and Presence (MAP), in collaboration with Muse Gallery, has decided to present six works by artist and activist Alessandra Bettòlo in a new online exhibition “Salon”.

The subjects of Bettòlo’s paintings are her children, contemporary kids of African descent whom she adopted after living in South Africa. Bettòlo has always been committed to denouncing and defying pernicious stereotypes in her works. Her paintings, depicting her children as proud, young, strong and dignified figures, are the perfect tribute for this important cause.

Her work tells the story of day-to-day existence, heritage, justice and injustice for people of African descent. Each painting is priced at €18,000, of which 20% will be donated to Monaco Aide and Presence, destined for the Centre Edimar-Princess Grace in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Profits will allow 150 young people to receive education, psychological support and medical assistance on a daily basis.

With this fundraiser we want to involve collectors and acquirers in joining us to forge a new future where diversity thrives without discrimination and racism; where ignorance, stereotypes and prejudice are replaced by knowledge and culture.

Interested in buying? Click on the link to the exhibition here. Collectors and buyers of works will be invited to a private dinner where they can meet the artist Alessandra Bettòlo, as well as Madame Mireille Yoga, Director of the Centre Edimar-Princess Grace.