Boo! An exciting opportunity for Monaco kids

Are you a Monaco kid excited about the world, travel and adventure?

Isabella Blake-Thomas (known as Boo to her friends) has been working in TV and film since she was four years old. As a parent or child, you probably know her from The Green Balloon Club on the BBC’s Cbeebies channel, where she is a regular presenter. She’s starred in lots of feature films including ‘Enid’, ‘The Tamed Ones’, ‘Johnny English Reborn’ ‘Red Faction’, and Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’. On TV she has also played the appealingly naughty Violet Elizabeth Bott, the arch-enemy of Just William.

Boo is a great example of someone who has taken what she loves doing and turned it into a career – at a surprisingly young age. She has many interests and skills – speaking French, dancing, horseriding and skiing – but then, so do many other talented kids around the world – so what can they do in order to get a taste of the adventures that Boo has already enjoyed?

That’s the starting point for a brand new project called ‘Where’s Boo @’, an interactive creative travel show for children by children, in which Boo goes on a search for creative kids around the world.

Launching in October, the organizers are now looking for children to take part in what could turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime! Watch the video to get a feel of what’s in store. And if you or your children are interested, please contact Boo’s mum and manager, Lizzie Blake-Thomas, who’s directing and producing the new show, at