Carol Bruton – Portrait of a Riviera Artist

Carol Bruton was born in Toronto, Canada and studied art at the Bellas Artes de Madrid, Camden Arts Centre in London and Edinburgh College of Art. She has exhibited worldwide, including  the Jersey City Museum, New York and at Christie’s London. Carol currently lives and works in the South of France.

Can you give a little background as to how you became an artist?
My childhood was spent in Spain, a country I still visit regularly. The strong influence of the starkness of the landscape of Southern Spain with its predominant colours of blue and ochre has greatly influenced my work. I am however always looking for ways to stray from familiar surroundings and find my way along unknown paths. I regularly swim in the winter sea and have become fascinated by the shapes of cellular division under the surface of the water. In my latest work, I use pigments and gloss in order to show the depth and transparency of the sea and then with small brushes, create the floating, organic mass.

Who or what are your key influences in your work?
I have always loved the Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Rochko. His floating, transparent lozenges of colour have inspired my own search for the message behind the simplicity of image.  I also like the German artist Peter Zimmermann. His use of epoxy resin and technique of applying multi-layers infuses his paintings with richness and mystery.

Angels, 70 cm by 70cm

What makes a masterpiece?
Being transported into an imaginary world. Enjoying the ‘raw material’ of a painting – the colour, the paint texture, the brushstrokes.Feeling that some pattern or design has been imposed on the painted world which makes it more beautiful than the real world. I think that in my own journey I am striving for all of the above.

Sea Drop, 100cm by 73cm

What is the message that you wish to convey through your paintings?
In my painting Angels I was able to depict the link between the artist and a greater force. I wish to attract the viewer with both intricate detail and the ability to reduce the painting to its most simple form. Therein, I believe lies the power of the image.

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Carol Bruton Monaco exhibition at CREM

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