Debut show for new Monaco gallery director

Veronique de Lavenne kicked off in earnest her career at Marlborough Monaco with a playful debut exhibition by Tom Otterness. Opening night was attended by over 100 Monaco locals and VIPs.

veronique de lavenneMarlborough Gallery’s new director Veronique de Lavenne

De Lavenne’s landmark premier show was dedicated solely to the American Otterness, who renowned for his fairytale-style sculptures. It is his second exhibition in Monaco and comprised 20 of his unique bronze sculptures.

tom otterson beside immigrant family photo by Bruce SchwartzTom Otterson and Immigrant Family (Image: Bruce Schwartz)

Sitting Bear_2011_bronze_by Tom OtternessSitting Bear (2011) bronze. By Tom Otterness

Otterness is inspired by figures of modern iconography, fairy tales, and the universe of cartoons. Using this childlike and popular imagery, the artist explores a range of adult themes (class struggle, overconsumption) without causing any offence.

Bad WolfBad Wolf (2007) bronze. By Tom Otterness

During the show, de Lavenne said: It was a pleasure to prepare this Tom Otterness show at the Marlborough Gallery! This is the first exhibition I supervise as new director, as I’ve just arrived last month! I love Tom Otterness’ mi-fables. They are so accessible. A few people in Monaco are already familiar with his work and I think we will have a lot of interest for it! I’m sure the exhibition will be a success!

De Lavenne previously held prominent positions at the Maeght Gallery in Paris and the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. She then founded and ran her own company Moving Art, which organises exhibitions for companies.

Over its 12-year history, the gallery has welcomed international artists such as Richard Estes, Claudio Bravo, and Chu The-Chun.  Tom Otterness is the next in a long list of famous artists to show their work at the Monaco venue.

Tom Otterness runs at Marlborough Gallery from 11 Oct to 30 Nov

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