Different types of Horse Racing

Horse racing is an ancient sport although the history surrounding the origins of horse racing is clouded. Some historians argue that it started around 4,500BC among the Nomadic Tribesman of Central Asia whilst other evidence suggests that it began in ancient civilisations in Greece, Babylon, Egypt or perhaps Syria. Regardless, we thank whoever started it as the activity has become one of the major betting areas in the world of gambling including on the Cote d’Azur where there are regular events at the Hippodrome at Cagne Sur Mer.

Types of Horse Racing

There are basically 4 types of horse racing, namely, flat racing, jump racing, harness racing and endurance racing if you would like to bet on your favourite house visit jokaroom site and stand a chance to win great prizes

  • Flat Racing

This is the most common type of horse racing around the world. It involves horse racing on an oval and flat race track. Though the race tracks tend to differ from nation to nation. For example, turf is common in France, the UK and wider Europe while dirt is common in North America and Asia. But the idea is essentially still the same.

  • Jump Racing

Jump racing involves racing on a track with obstacles. Common variations of this type of racing include steeplechasing and hurdling. The name of the race, steeple or hurdles depends on the size of the obstacle that is being jumped over. Horses normally progress to longer distances and harder obstacles as they grow older.

  • Harness Racing

Harness racing is when the horse pulls along the jockey on what is called a ‘sulky’. One could say that this is a modern version of chariot racing. Racecourses for this type of race are usually dirt.

  • Endurance Racing

Endurance racing tests the endurance of the horse. These races can range from 16km to 160km. They are divided into 5 categories, pleasure rides (16-32km), non- competitive trail rides (32-43km), competitive trail rides (32-72km), progressive trail rides (40-96 km) and endurance rides (64-160km in one day, up to 400km in several days).

Slots based on Horse Racing?

For those who want to be part of the action but not in the action, there are several casino games online based on horse racing, all that you have to is look for them and enjoy the fun. 

Whatever type of horse racing you prefer, there are many opportunities for you to bet now online or, if you can, enjoy the thrills for real at your nearest horse-racing circuit.