Dinner at the No-Go’s

Monaco cinema fans are invited to the private screening of the award-winning film Dinner at the No-Go’s.

The 5 February event – which will be the film’s European premier – is organised by the International Emerging Film Talent Association in collaboration with Association Monaco-Japan.

The film, directed by Marco Orsini, is a real-life account of a global phenomena that sought to bring greater understanding and harmony to divided factions around the world.Table matters: Scene from ‘Dinner at the No Gos’

The premise for peace is simple: Have dinner parties with locals in countries where Americans have been advised not to travel to – the No-Go territories.

What started out as a simple concept, of exchanging ideas over dinner between different cultural and religious groups, ended up becoming a multi-national award winning film that has caused a buzz on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Middle East.

Follow Marco and his friend Bilal as they host eight dinner parties in seven countries or territories with over 143 dinner guests, including ambassadors, journalist, lawyers, activist, filmmakers, socialites and politicians who were either Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Princesse Grace Theatre will host the event which will run as:

19:30 Welcome drinks

20:00 Dinner At The No-Gos screens

21:30 Panel discussion chaired By Bird Runningwater, Senior Programmer for The Sundance Film Festival with participants fom the film

Tickets are 50 Euros and can be reserved at info@IEFTA.org or by sending a cheque to: IEFTA, 5 Boulevard Du Tenao, 98000 Monaco

All funds support film education in Ethiopia.

For more information visit www.iefta.org or www.Nogosthemovie.Com

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