Electric Dreams: San Marino to Monte-Carlo Eco Rally

As the noise, glamour, thrills and spills of the Grand Prix weekend fades into the distance, Monaco can now look forward to a slightly more eco-friendly motor sports event: the 11th San Marino – Monte-Carlo Eco Rally.

The eco-friendly vehicles are stark contrast to their gas-guzzling F1 counterparts and will start their along the Mediterranean coastline on the  17th June in San Marino. All entrants then head towards San Remo and finally finish in Monte-Carlo on 19th June 2016.

The first eco-friendly San Marino-Monte-Carlo rally took place in 2006 and has been a constant in the Monaco calendar ever since. The significance of the rally is such that it is regulated by the F.I.A. and attracts significant media attention. The aim of the rally is to promote vehicles that have little impact on the environment and highlight their performance and versatility. With the recent growth of electric and hybrid vehicles hitting our roads, the eco-rally has never been more relevant than it is in today’s, heavily polluted world.

The Eco Rally is open to both professional racing drivers and amateurs who have an ecological vehicle. The rules are simple: all contestants must follow a road book and at must complete at least four “specials” at a constant average speed per hour, with sections that are monitored secretly and recorded by onboard, photoelectric cells.

In addition to the environmental aspect, there is further contrast to the Monaco GP: a huge amount of attention is paid to security and safety at the wheel and respecting the highway code, as the races are held on roads that are open to traffic.

San Marino – Monaco Eco Rally
From 17 to 19 June 2016
Further information:  http://www.ecorally.eu/

Infoline: + 39 335/7330119