End of an Era: Sporting d’Hiver

Eighty-two years of history came crashing to an end last year with the destruction of the famous, and much loved, Sporting D’hiver de Monaco.

The historic Sporting D’hiver

Despite protests and petitions the historic building was torn down to be replaced by a luxurious residential complex of seven buildings. This new project is scheduled to be ready by 2020 and will cost more than 220 million Euros to build.

Artistic impression of what the new building may look like.

The cinema itself has already moved to a new location; Théatre Princesse Grâce, 12 Avenue d’Ostende.

The cinema has movies in both English and French and in both 2d and 3d. Additionally, the cinema has a snack bar. Some good news for consumers is that prices aren’t changing, they remain as before.