EVER kinder to the environment

Eva Esztergar reports on the opening day of the EVER Alternative Energy Vehicle Show, currently taking place in Monaco

Zero Motorcycles, AVEM, DBT, Kosmob and Protoscar may not be the most familiar names to those coming to Monaco for a glimpse of the latest sports cars and luxury vehicles, but that’s no surprise, since they haven’t been around for very long – they all specialize in ecologically-friendly vehicles, most of them running on pure electricity.

One problem with such vehicles has always been the question of how to recharge the special batteries required to run them. Not any more… Herve Borgoltz, President of DBT has the answer: a new range of charging stations for rapid replenishment of electric vehicles, aimed at councils and energy companies alike.

Things kicked off propitiously at EVER Monaco with the ceremonial handing over of the keys to a ‘Smart Fortwo’ microcar to HSH Prince Albert, the first of a fleet which will be delivered to the State of Monaco this year under an agreement struck with Smart and Daimler. It’s not yet known whether the prince will himself be making regular use of the tiny town runabout. We shall have to wait and see!

Also on show was some of the competition: the Italian Tazzari Zero, which premiered at last year’s Bologna Auto Show, and the somewhat squatter Carcerano Sonny. And some of these super-effficient cars will be taking part in the 4 Alternative Energy Vehicle Rally, which takes place as part of EVER from 26 – 28 March.¬† To read more about last year’s winner, click here

But the electric futrue is not confined to the roads. Etincelle, a 100% electric plane with a 7 metre wingspan, currently able to cross the Mediterranean on a single charge, will also be on display at the exhibition, which continues to 28 March.

Eva Esztergar / Will Andrews
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