Exclusive: My New Life In Monaco

US Businessmen Ross Campbell moved to Monaco a year ago and has never looked back. In this CItyOut exclusive, he shares his experiences and why his move to the Principality has left him happier than ever and with no regrets at all…

I wake up in the morning and gaze out over the ocean from my snug studio apartment. I take in the rich smell of cooking food from down the road, and casually stroll out for my morning walk without worrying about locking my doors or bringing along a firearm for protection. I’m at peace here in Monaco more than I ever was back in the states.

Most people won’t choose to move from the United States to a place like Monaco, because it’s much more expensive to live there, but for the right person it’s well worth the move. Apparently, I’m the right type of person because I don’t plan on moving back anytime soon.

Why I Had to Make the Move

I’ve lived in many areas of the United States. I thoroughly enjoy big city living and I lived in Philadelphia and Brooklyn and even headed to the west coast to live in Los Angeles for a bit. Though each of these cities had something special to offer, I never really felt completely safe in any of them. There’s just too much crime. That’s the main reason I decided to make the move to Monaco. It offers the same level of luxury that any big city in the US can offer, if not even more, but there is very little crime. That’s because it’s so carefully policed and surveillance systems cover the whole territory as well. After a couple run ins with muggers back in the states, I knew I wanted to be somewhere safer, and all my trips to visit Monaco led me to believe that it was just the right place for me.

Getting My Ducks in a Row

Moving to Monaco wasn’t as easy as hopping on the next flight out and committing to living in the country. I had to sort through my belongings and chuck the stuff I didn’t want any longer. I had to put together all the necessary paperwork, including things like my passport, birth certificate, a statement from the police showing I don’t have a criminal record and a summary of all my assets and education.

I also had to go through the process of acquiring my own bank account in Monaco, where I had to make a couple of large deposits to show that I’m capable of financially supporting myself which is a necessary step if you don’t happen to have an employer eagerly waiting for you in the country that’s willing to vouch for you. Since I am in business for myself, the country needed to see I could support myself on the work I do.

Getting My Stuff to Monaco

After getting all the paperwork together, and dealing with my worldly possessions back home, I had to deal with the task of shipping over my belongings. While Monaco isn’t very big, there is still a use for vehicles here, and I couldn’t bear to part with my Porsche 911 Turbo that I’ve owned for quite a few years, so I went through the necessary hoops to move the car over to the country.



This involved the use of the international car shipping company A-1 Auto Transport Inc to handle moving my car in a private container.

Moving my vehicle to Monaco was straightforward, and there were no duties on it since I’ve owned it for more than 6 months. To complete the process, I simply needed my registration, my original purchase documents and an attestation from the French Consulate. That’s basically all it took, and moving the vehicle was much easier than moving myself.

I decided to leave behind most of my belongings, other than a few electronics and my clothing. Most apartments and houses just aren’t very large here, and I knew I wouldn’t have the kind of space that I did in LA. I sold off what I could and gave away the rest before hopping on my flight to Monaco.

My First Year in Monaco

Getting settled in Monaco was a great deal of work and I spent weeks tracking down my studio apartment that I now call home. I love all the races, convenient access to the casino and being near the ocean. Everything is convenient in Monaco, but you must be prepared to wait longer when shopping or doing pretty much everything else. I’ve slowed down greatly since coming to the country, and I’m finding it very easy to relax since making my move. I don’t regret moving at all and as a matter of fact, I believe that Monaco has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.