Grand Prix Historique 2012

What: 8th Grand Prix Historique / Historic Grand Prix
Where: Grand Prix circuit, Monaco
When: 11-13 May 2012
Entry: €20 (Saturday), €35 (Sunday), €45 (weekend)
Admission is free for under-15s on all days, and for all for the Friday afternoon practice session on the Friday.

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Every two years, a fortnight before the main Grand Prix, the Automobile Club of Monaco hosts a race that in some ways is even more thrilling: the Grand Prix Historique. A celebration of grace and style over speed and power (though they were powerful enough in their day), the race is a chance to witness the greatest collection of classic Grand Prix cars from around the world in action. Everything is identical to the GP proper: the same circuit, the same infrastructure, even the same trackside support teams. Only the age of the cars is different.

Participants are placed in seven categories and events:

Group A – Grand Prix cars and voiturettes built before 1952
Group B – Grand Prix cars built before 1961
Group C – Sports Cars and Sport Prototypes pre-1953
Group D – Grand Prix cars (rear-engine) built before 1966
Group E – 3-litre GP cars from F1 Grand Prix from 1966 to 1972
Group F – 3-litre GP cars from F1 Grand Prix between 1973 and 1978
Group G – Formula 3, 2000cm3 (before 1985)

Drivers from twenty different countries will be taking part. The British have a strong presence (87), followed by the Americans (31), then the French (23), Italians (19), and Germans (10). 14 Monegasque drivers will be defending the colours of the Principality throughout the various races.

Seeing – and smelling – these fabulous machines as they roar round the famous Monaco circuit once more is an unforgettable, nostalgic experience. The heady mixture of castor oil and methanol really is the signature of these classics that contributed so much to the magic of the Monaco circuit over the years.

Having whittled down 300 applicants to just over 200, the Automobile Club de Monaco has drawn up an exciting list of challengers for the 2012 edition, including former drivers such as Dieter Quester (BMW), Fabien Giroix (DTM) and Arturo Merzario (Ferrari, Williams), as well as celebrity drivers such as Tony Smith, manager of rock group Genesis, and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, each driving racing cars from their own collections.For the sixth consecutive time, official timekeeping for the event will be in the hands of Chopard, the famous Swiss watchmaker and jeweller. They are joined as partners by Credit Suisse, who this year have organized a private Credit Suisse Driver’s Club as a meeting place for competitors and their guests.


Wednesday 9 May to Thursday 10 May
Paperwork and scrutineering

Friday 11 May
Afternoon practice sessions (tickets free)

Saturday 12 May
Practice sessions (tickets €20)

Sunday 13 May 2012
8th Grand Prix Historique de Monaco (tickets €35)

Tickets are free for under-15s
Book tickets for this event now by clicking on the web link above

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