Groundbreaking New Book “Through Her Eyes” Sheds Light on Victoria Napolitano’s Dramatic Journey to Success

Victoria Napolitano is a former hostage negotiator, police detective, and patrol officer who was injured in the line of duty. That single incident forever changed the course of Napolitano’s life.

Today, Napolitano is the magazine partner of The Victoria Napolitano Group LLC. The Beverly Hills-based company is the umbrella brand of the Victoria Napolitano Shopping Network (VNSN), Mademoiselle’s Opulento Dolci, and luxury lifestyle, fashion, and wedding magazines.

Now, she has announced the debut of a groundbreaking tell-all book that also includes something else to define Napolitano’s uniqueness: a soundtrack.

When Napolitano set out to create a soundtrack for “Through Her Eyes”, she decided to hire top vocalists from around the world to help tell her story. While the music was created for her book, Napolitano also plans to incorporate it into the movie adaptation. Speaking of the injuries she received in the line of duty, Napolitano said, “When I was recovering from my eye surgeries, all I could do was sit in the dark. I developed a greater passion for music than I had before my surgeries.”

“It was important to me that I write my own lyrics. It had
to tell my story through song,” she said.

The song “Blindsided” was written in just 20 minutes. Napolitano said she woke up and wrote it, and that the words simply came to her. “It’s Not Over”, which is the main theme song for the book,” was written in 15 minutes and performed by Tyra.

Napolitano’s story is powerful, heartbreaking, and dramatic, and it highlights the resiliency and passion of the human nature.

The soundtrack includes six tracks: “It’s Not Over”, “Blindsided”, “Forever Mine”, “From Broken to Bombshell”, “The Love of My Life”, and “Workout – Are You Ready”.

Further details about “Through Her Eyes” and the soundtrack can be found at Part of the album can be heard at:

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