Hamiltons Gallery exhibition

Catch a unique opportunity to celebrate the ‘Old Masters’ of traditional photography at Sem-Art Gallery in Monaco.

Running from 19 April to 31 May, the Gallery has invited Hamiltons of Mayfair, London to show nearly 30 photographs and prints from some of the world’s top artists from the last century.Hamiltons have brought a collection that reminds visitors of what nearly 200 years of traditional photography has contributed to art history. The exhibition also highlights how fast technology has advanced, rendering digital photography the new mainstream artform and photographers such as Helmut Newton or Richard Avedon as ‘Old Masters’ in their art.

Key works to look out for include:

Richard Avedon‘s Stephanie Seymour, his controversial black-and-white portrait of one of the world’s top supermodels at the height of her fame.
Rare Polaroid ‘sketches’ by Helmut Newton that show the creative process of some of his most famous works. These Polaroids today fetch up to 35,000 Euros at auction and show how both the traditional photographer and an extinct technology brand – once global giants – are today both memories of a past age.

German-Australian Helmut Newton at work in his heyday
French fashion photographer Jeanloup Sieff‘s series of signed vintage prints, including classic scenes from Monte-Carlo and Paris.Sem-Art Gallery is proud to welcome Hamiltons, one of the world’s foremost galleries specialising in the modern masters of photography.

Hamiltons owner Tim Jefferies said: “Traditional photography will cease to exist as a practice in our lifetime. This is a tragedy as digital photograpy has never come close to capturing the beauty of traditionally made and printed photographs.”

Tim Jefferies: Looking at the future direction of art photography

To witness the beauty for yourself, get along to Sem-Art Gallery, who have also chosen the Hamiltons exhibition to run during Grand Prix week.

Sem-Art Gallery, 20 avenue de la Costa, 98000 Monaco

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