How to Build Your Awesome Personal Brand

How to Build Your Awesome Personal Brand

We know for a fact today that the success of your company depends greatly on your personal branding, from how you dress, your grooming, your posture, how you speak and what you say.

Investors today are buying more into your authenticity, values and story than that of your company.

My question to you is, what Brand Image do you project to your surrounding?

We agree that your personal brand is your identity that stimulates a meaningful, emotional reaction in your target audience about the qualities and values for which you stand for.

What words or phrase identifies who you are? You need to be conscious of what you want people to think of you.

In today’s society, everyone has a personal brand, whether you like it or not. Your brand is either positive, negative or neutral, so who are you?

Did you know that people who are above average looking and take thorough care of their imaculate grooming will earn 10% more than an individual who is average looking and neglects his/her appearance?

We are infested today with brands and messages, and yes it has become an popularity contest, I encourage you to promote your likability as investors and media alike will entrust themselves in individuals who are a true, authentic reflection of who they really are. You need to be consistent with your personal branding and communicate your passion and message over a long period of time.

Your Brand Equity

Investors, media and anyone you meet will decide in the fist quarter of a second whether they like you or not, if they have a negatve first impression, they will need 11 positive impressions to make up for that first bad impression. First impressions are key.

First impressions need to be awesome. My quetion to you is, do you look the part? Does the way you dress and groom reflect the successful company that you own? Remeber that perceptions and expectations creates reality.

Investors “buy” first into you, then your customer service, followed by your company.

Surround yourself with smart people that are better than you and don’t let professional arrogance get into your way. You need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to build your brand equity.

Invest in good IR

Commercialise yourself with your consistent interesting message and language through social media: Create your Blog, Website, LinkedIn page, professional Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 

I’ll wrap this up with the top Rules of Success by Steve Job

  • Don’t live a limited life

  • Be passionate – people with passion can change the world for the better

  • Don’t sell crap, focus on selling a great product only

  • Build a great team with one unique vision

  • Be proud of your product

  • Build brand customers, start with creating a great experience

  • Be very clear on what message you want to communicate to stand out from the crowd

  • Values never change, honour the people who think different 

  • Stay hungry, stay foolish

Vanessa Abi-Rached, The Little Red Book of IR

I have added an interview by Angela Ahrendt who talks about the importance of branding.