Kangoo? Can do!

What: Bounce Camp and 1-on-1 Fitness
Where: Pointe des Douaniers, Cap d’Ail
(next to the Restaurant Le Cabanon; parking space available)
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting 10 July 2012
Contact: contact@angelikafurstler.com

Angelika Fürstler was born in Austria and studied International Marketing Management in Graz. A model, actress and artist, she is now turning her attention to improving the lives of those around her in terms of fitness and health. As she prepares her new lifestyle programmes (a Bounce Campworkout series just for women, and 1-on-1 sessions for everyone – business people, families, teens or those recovering from injuries), we went along to find out where she gets her inspiration.

Angelika’s boundless energy is easy to see. Her dynamic approach to life, she says, has allowed her to overcome many of her own childhood fears. At one time terrified of the water, she’s now a successful underwater model; and she recently got over her fear of the dark by undertaking an off-track night hike in Sedona and a night tour of the Central American jungles of Chiapas.

For Angelika, travel has never meant lazing on a beach; instead, she always throws herself into local life, whether it’s a retreat with the monks in Thailand or living with shamans in Mexico. And it’s partly these non-Western philosophies which have persuaded her that there are alternative ways of approaching well-being and health. Through her wide variety of experiences, she’s learnt a great deal about the relationship of mind and body: ‘I’m a very spiritual person,’ she says. ‘I believe strongly in the power of meditation and yoga (my own personal favourite is bikram yoga) to help us reflect and grow.’

angelika2A fan of extreme sports, Angelika has also taken part in a huge range of activities: body flying, flow riding, carting, climbing, free diving, and cliff jumping. Physical fitness is essential for happiness and good health, and her new bounce camp is centred around a remarkable new development in fitness training – ‘kangoo jumps’. But what are they exactly?

‘Kangoo jumps are totally revolutionary – nothing else compares. They’re specially sprung boots originally designed to help people recovering from leg injuries. Because they reduce the impact on the foot considerably, they’re now being marketed as a proven aid for home fitness, weight loss exercise, and athletic training.’ Can she see Kangoo catching on here on the Riviera? ‘I think there’s no better place. When I came to Cannes for the Film Festival last year I knew my life would change. In fact I met my fiancé here. As a trained osteopath, he’s the medical supervisor of our lifestyle programme, and between us we feel this is the perfect location to start a Bounce Camp.’

angelika4Changing people’s fitness regime is only part of Angelika’s wider programme: ‘When I was younger I heard that there were people who didn’t eat meat, fish, dairy or animal products, and I thought they were a bit crazy. It took me some time to understand what it was all about. Then I started creating my own kombucha (an ancient beverage) yoghurt and cheeses, finding out new things by experiment… and now I’m a vegan myself!

‘Like many people I’d tried it all before – fast food, junk food, smoking, drinking, coffee – the list goes on – but it didn’t feel right. Somehow I woke up and realized that even the smallest decision can alter our lives for the better. I couldn’t be happier than I am now with changing my way of life. It feels simply great.

‘I’ve invested tremendous amounts of time and energy in finding the optimal plant-based diet. I love to discover new recipes; my ultimate aim is to increase the number of places where such delicious foods are served, so I’m also offering individual courses and consultations for chefs and restaurants. Super natural foods can give us supernatural powers, and every day we discover new things. Essentially you need to know what your body needs, and make sure nutrients are absorbed the best way.’

angelika6Nutrition and Bounce Camps are the key components of the optimized system for living which Angelika now wants to pass on to others. ‘I am so happy to finally have brought all these realizations and knowledge to bear in my self-styled Lifestyle Programme. Whether it’s through exercise, healthy food, photography, song, film or a unique piece of art, my aim is to help people improve their lives and bring them closer to their ‘inner selves’.

About Bounce Camp

The Bounce Camp fitness programme begins on 10 July 2012 and will take place at the magical Pointe des Douaniers, Volcan de Cap d’Ail. Classes last for one hour and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Timings are flexible, depending on participants’ preferences.

How it works

Bounce Camp  You can get access with a Bounce-Camp-Pass (valid for one month). There are three packages to provide exactly the experience you are looking for – whether it’s a fun and efficient workout to join every week, or a fully individualized program to provide you with all the support you need to achieve best results – the choice is yours.

If you just want to try out one session you are more than welcome to do so. The trial fee of €50 (including free Kangoo Jumps rental) will be credited on the purchase of your Bounce Camp pass.

1-on-1 personal training sessions start on 3 July as well. Time and location will be adapted to your own individual needs. Please note that you can also purchase gift vouchers for Bounce Camp as well as Bounce Camp One-on-One Sessions.

If you’d like to contact Angelika about nutrition, Kangoo jumps, Bounce Camps, or anything else in this article, you can reach her either via www.bounce-camp.com or by email at contact@angelikafurstler.com.