Keeping It Clean: healthy eating made easy in the Principality

With the summer now well and truly underway in the Principality, chances are thoughts have now turned to the beach and with that, the hopes of parading a highly-prized bikini body.

If you’ve overindulged on Monaco’s unrivalled party lifestyle in recent weeks, chances are that prospect is none too appealing.

A quick summer fix is certainly tempting, but even the faddiest among us know that diets rarely work and that the best way to overhaul the body, inside and out, is to change the habits of a lifetime and adapt a healthy eating mentality.

While a killer bod may be the warmly-welcomed after effects of a change in diet, it’s not just your figure that will benefit from a shake-up of the old routine.

Improved health and peace of mind are just some of the advantages that come with adapting a responsible attitude to what you put on your plate.

Drastic changes in any area of life can be intimidating, but Monaco residents are spoilt for choice with a number of experts on hand to guide you through the complexities of healthy eating.

Naomi’s Kitchen

Like many stressed out mothers, company founder Naomi Buff was forced to contend with an extremely fussy eater at home.

However, as she battled to resolve her son’s eating problems, her new-found passion for nutrition not only helped improve her family life, but also led to a thriving business.

“It’s a little overwhelming as I didn’t set out to start a business, simply to educate myself so I could feed my fussy son.  It all kind of evolved from there and I started developing recipes that were super healthy.”


Four years on, Buff is a health coach specialising in Integrative Nutrition, offering personalised eating plans and programs, as well as cookery classes for clients in the comfort of their own homes.

“It has been tough juggling a business and my children”, says Buff. “But I love what I do so much that half the time it doesn’t even feel like I am working!”

Naomi’s Kitchen also runs monthly workshops at the Monte Carlo Munchkins Club; the next one is on Monday 15th June from 1300-1430 and is a juice and smoothie masterclass.

Both non-members and regular club members can take part in the workshop at a cost of €35, where attendees can enjoy a delicious granola bar as a welcome gift from Naomi, before discovering how to create the perfect green smoothie.

If you can’t make it to Naomi’s upcoming workshop, you can now find her deliciously healthy recipes at several Monaco restaurants, including Mozza, Bouchon and Beefbar.

Further information
Tel: +33 (0) 6 78 63 30 57

Live a Nourishing Life

Set up by Monaco resident Johanni Rossi, ‘Live a Nourishing Life’ aims to help make healthy living more easily accessible to everyone.

A certified food and wellness coach, Rossi’s mission is to inspire and empower people to make conscious food choices that will better their health, whilst simultaneously respecting nature and the environment.

“I’ve brought together all of my life’s passions; family, nature, food, cooking and health, and I’m on a mission to share, educate, teach and inspire others to live their fully nourished life” says Rossi.


‘Live a Nourishing Life’ offers a delivery service supplying people directly to their home or office, with all the ingredients needed to help them become their most nourished selves.

Rossi and her team select the best organic local fruit and vegetables and deliver them straight to your door, four times a month, for the very reasonable price of €160.

As a wellness cook, Rossi also has extensive experience of the best way to translate her healthy produce into delicious meals all the family can enjoy.

The company offers a range of classes from three hour cook ups, where ‘Live a Nourishing Life’ staff spend half a day in your kitchen creating a variety of dishes and snacks, to 1:1 mentoring services designed to fully support and inspire anyone who is looking to fully commit to a ‘Whole’ lifestyle.

Further information
Tel:+377 (0)6 78 63 01 52

The Clever Kitchen

Launched by professional nutritionist, Susan Tomassini (BSc Honours Nutritional Health) and partner  Melanie Gulliver,  the Clever Kitchen aims to solve the age-old problem of providing healthy meals for the family that are realistic and tasty.

For an annual fee of €99, wannabe healthy eaters can join the Clever Kitchen’s membership programme which offers a range of services, including free entry to all online detox and weight loss programmes and unlimited access to the company’s constantly updated series of nutritious recipes.

The next Clever Kitchen event will be held at Stars N Bars on June 30th from 1400-1530. The theme will be easy summer entertaining and will feature a selection of vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free recipes to taste, before trying to replicate them at home.

Tomassini herself will be on hand to give the nutritional lowdown on the recipes, with the workshop priced at €20.

Stars N Bars will also be launching a full Clever Kitchen menu this week, so keep your eyes peeled for their new range of healthy meals.

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Tel: 06 15 21 63 53