Lagerfeld unleashed at Hotel Metropole

Earlier this year, Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo invited fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to cast his vision and redesign the luxury venue’s exterior.

In one of the most exciting artistic and architectural colloborations with a hotel, Lagerfeld has redesigned the pool, terrace, gardens, and the new Joel Robuchon restaurant in his own distinct and inimitable style.

hotel-metropole-story1Karl Lagerfeld’s Hotel Metropole revamp is nearly complete

Hotel guests will be able to see the full repertoire of Lagerfeld’s work after it is unveiled in November 2012.

Here is a sneak preview below of just one detail of the key features – a stunning piece of art by Karl Lagerfeld. A fresco-style installation created exclusively for the hotel will be made up of 15 impressive glass panels portraying Ulysses’ journey.

hotel-metropole-fresco-story1Lagerfeld’s personal interpretation of Ulysses for Metropole

Ulysses is the hero of The Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer’s famous epic poems.

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