Major Police Operation After Armed Robbery at Cartier

Last night, the Monaco police were hunting for two suspects after a daring afternoon armed robbery at French jeweller Cartier, prompting a brief lockdown of The Principality.

The Monaco prosecutor’s office have stated that three men entered the boutique toward 3:40pm while a driver waited in a car. They also added that no shots were fired and no one was wounded or taken hostage.

The area, right next door to Monte Carlo’s casino, was sealed off by the police as soon as the alarm was sounded.

Clients in the showroom, as well as tourists who found themselves in the area, were trapped for part of the afternoon.

The police search proved productive and one of the three attackers was found shortly afterwards and was allegedly carrying a gun and some of the stolen jewels. At this point,  officials have not yet put a value on the loot.


A car was set on fire in a tunnel not far from the scene of the crime, but police could not confirm that it was a getaway vehicle that the robbers had burned to destroy evidence.

“Sealing off the area also stopped the escape of the two other individuals and the accomplice who was waiting for them in a vehicle,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The search was continuing Saturday evening for the other suspects, though the police cordon had been lifted and activity was returning to normal.