Monaco Anime Game Show 2013

The best of Japanese Manga, science fiction and video game culture will be on show at the premier Anime exhibition in Monaco.

The MAGS Monaco Anime Game Show 2013 is the first ever event of its kind and will be held in the Grimaldi Forum from 2-3 March.

mags-2013-posterThe two day event is organised by TGS Evenements and Shibuya International. The aim is to “gather professionals, associations and other people around the themes of video games, manga and animated programmes, of asian culture and science-fiction … and all of that with prestigious guests.”

Visitors can…

  • Enjoy concerts and showcases
  • Attend a conference
  • Sing along to karaoke
  • Enjoy solo and group cosplay
  • Visit Japanese culture stalls
  • Play latest video and role play games

Special guests include Go Nagai, one of the world’s top Manga artists, French fantasy creator Michel Ocelot, and actor Michael Hogan who played Colonel Saul Tigh in the TV show Battlestar Galactica.


Meet the actor who plays Col. Saul Tigh in Battlestar Galactica

The Grimaldi Forum will open its doors and 15,000 m² of floor space for MAGS, including several exhibition rooms, amphitheatres and the bar/restaurant with its terrace offering a panoramic view. There will also be activities taking place in the outdoor space of 7,000m² Japanese garden.

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