Monaco Features in New Victoria Napolitano Life-Story Soundtrack

Those in the know on the Cote d’Azur are already expectant about the forthcoming visit to Monaco from Beverly Hills very own, Victoria Napolitano. The world-reknowned couture-designer, entrepreneur, business woman and innovator already has a remarkable list of achievements to her name. From operating one of the world’s most famous luxury platforms to planning weddings for the rich and famous, Victoria really does have in unrivalled CV in the world of sophisticated luxury and romance.

However, not one to rest on her laurels, modern-day renaissance woman Victoria, has recently added writing music to her glowing repotoire of skills. Moreover, her stunning debut album is the soundtrack to her highly anticipated tell-all book, ‘Through Her Eyes’ and features a track specifically about our very own fairy-tale location, Monaco.

The track “From Broken to Bombshell” was inspired by our Principality, a place that Victoria has long held dear in her heart. “I have always loved race cars and driving”stated Victoria during a recent conversation with CityOut. “Since I was a child, I was fascinated with the Formula 1 race in Monaco, it’s exhilarating!” Furthermore, she has always has an affinity with “the glamour and sophistication of Monaco” and can not wait to visit later in 2018.

The 8-track album itself was written in Beverley Hills by Victoria and subsequently recorded in both Texas and Florida. Featuring world-famous vocalists such as Tyra Juliette and Alex Marie Brinkley, each song details an aspect of Victoria’ s remarkable life. A former hostage negotiator, police detective and patrol officer – there has not been a dull moment in Victoria’s incredible journey and songs such as “It’s Not Over” document the struggle she endured with her son when she was blinded in the line of duty and trying to put her life back together after divorce.

Victoria’s revealing book will be available on from June 1st, 2018 and will be available in digital format, complete with video and the soundtrack itself. However, those who want to get their hands (or ears) on the music now can stream from Victoria’s very own website or indeed, obtain further information about the stories and recording artists in the online discography publication. 

We have also included a selection of tracks right here fo your enjoyment: