Monaco Tax: the zero-sum game

The principal benefit of Monaco’s fiscal system is the complete absence of direct taxation, with certain exceptions – notably for French nationals resident since 1962, for whom special rules apply.

Personal taxation

Individuals residing in Monaco pay no tax on income, betterment or capital. However, inheritance tax at the following rates is payable on assets held in the principality if passed to

direct descendants 0%
brothers and sisters 8%
uncles and nephews 10%
relatives 13%
non-relatives 16%

Businesses and companies

There is no taxation unless a) the company earns more than 25% of turnover outside the principality; or b) the company’s revenues arise from patents or literary or artistic property rights, which are subject to a 33.3% tax.

Fiscal stamps and registration duties

All official civil and judicial acts, and all documents which could be produced as evidence in court, must be stamped in order to be valid. Costs are either fixed, or based on the format of the document or the amounts involved. Duties are collected for the registration of property transfer or change of ownership.

Leases, subscription or transfer of shares in a company 1%
Sale of property 6.5%
Transfer of goodwill, clientele or property 7.5%