Monaco’s hidden gem: Le Marche de la Condamine

In a place overflowing with Michelin-starred and top-end restaurants, it is ironic that the Principality’s natives head to an altogether more modest venue to grab a delicious bite of culinary fare.

Nestled beneath the arches of Monaco’s Place d’Armes square, the Marche de la Condamine is the place Monegasques and budget-savvy tourists know they can eat like kings, for a fraction of the price of the Principality’s more famous eateries.

First opened in 1880, the market was given a multi-million euro revamp in 2012 courtesy of the Prince and La Mairie, making it the bustling hub you see before you today.

Perfect for those who find it hard to choose, this vibrant and eclectic collection of stalls has something for everyone, with main platters, desserts and drinks all available to choose from whichever stall you decide to dip into.

If you can bear the queue, a visit to the fabulous Maison des Pâtes will be richly rewarded. Offering a mind-boggling array of hand-made fresh pasta and accompanying sauces, this old favourite has the added benefit of being great value for money too.

For possibly the best Socca bread across the Mediterranean, head to the legendary Chez Roger. The larger than life Roger will provide you with one of the most mouth-watering slices of chickpea flour crepe, all for less than three euros a slice.

Truffle Gourmet offers up a series of fungi-related feasts, including the delectable truffle burger, and if you still have room, pop over to La Boule de Neige for a delightful patisserie of your desire.

To wash down what will no doubt be a hearty feast and simultaneously experience a true taste of local life, head to Bar “Le Zinc”. This firm favourite always offers clients a convivial atmosphere and the chance to hear the rarely heard Monegasque language in all its glory, whilst serving the most delightful rose wine for just 1,50 euro a glass.

Away from the tourist trap restaurants, whether you’re on a budget or not, Monaco’s famous Marche de la Condamine will have something for you – just beware of the pigeons!


Where: 15 , place d’ Armes, 98000 Monaco

When?: Monday to Saturday: 0700-1500, Tues-Sun: 1630-1930, Sunday: 0700-1400

Tel:+377 93 30 63 94