Monaco’s Most Glamorous Ball: Le Bal de la Rose

Monaco is well known for its promise of a glamorous lifestyle, its luxury real estate and its uniquely glitzy events. Although the most famous occasions on the Principality’s cultural calendar might include the Monaco Yacht Show, the Monaco Grand Prix or the Red Cross Gala, the exclusivity of Le Bal de la Rose – which takes place each March – discerns the glitzy event from all others.

The unique history of Le Bal de la Rose also contributes to its glamorous reputation. In 1954, only two years after her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco, Princess Grace took the initiative to inaugurate a new ball. She appointed the artistic director of the Société des Bains de Mer (the historical society which made Monaco the luxury holiday destination it is today), Henry Astric, to interpret her vision. Mr Astric did not hold back; during a time of exotic dances, such as samba and mambo, he dared to forward the idea of a more traditional ball. To the sound of 100 violins, the waltz would take centre stage against a spectacular backdrop of roses – the event’s namesake.


Over the next twenty years, Le Bal de la Rose grew in prestige under the patronage of Princess Grace and began to evolve in concept, but not in tone. Since 1977, Le Bal de la Rose has benefited the Princess Grace Foundation, a charity that is supported through the sale of coveted prizes, which are donated by Monegasque businesses.

To this day, Princess Grace’s name and reputation brings international recognition to her charity, which acts in aid of underprivileged children throughout the world, as well as in support of cultural initiatives in the Principality of Monaco.

The year 1977 also marked the first time that Le Bal de la Rose took place in Monaco’s most modern venue at the time, the Sporting Monte Carlo. In the La Salle des Etoiles, under the starry ceiling of the ballroom, Le Bal de la Rose grew and prospered, as, over the years, the stage welcomed artists from around the world to perform for the Monegasque royals and their guests.


From this point in time, each ball followed a different theme: from the French cancan to the Jamaican reggae and the Argentinean tango, a variety of cultural modes have been celebrated under the sparkling canopy of La Salle des Etoiles. A different rose and a distinct scent has been selected to represent each cultural theme since 1977, keeping Le Bal de la Rose true to its roots.

Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director of Chanel, has overseen the artistic interpretation of Le Bal de la Rose over the last five years and will once again delight the party-goers and the Monegasque royal family in 2017. Tickets come at a premium and the guest list is carefully selected. This March, Monaco will dance once more to the rhythm of a new theme as Monte Carlo hosts the 63rd edition of Le Bal de la Rose.

Article courtesy of Relevance Media.