Monaco’s update on the Covid-19 vaccine

The Principality of Monaco will start vaccinating the population as soon as they get the certification for coronavirus vaccines from European and French health authorities. The vaccine would be carried out firstly on the “priority groups”, followed by volunteers. The government claimed that they faced a challenging task  of determining the priority audiences, the types of vaccines available and the methods of administration of the vaccine.

During summer 2020, the Principality has pre-ordered 7,800 vaccines, which would cover around 20% of Monaco’s population. And at the end of this year the government announced that they could start the vaccination in early 2021.

On 16 December, Monaco started a large-scale campaign to make sure that the holidays go as smoothly as possible. From 21 December, anyone working or living in Monaco who comes back to the Principality after holidays will be able to get a free PCR test at the Leo Ferré testing centre without a prescription.