National Day of Monaco

Monaco National day is celebrated annually on November 19. Also known as “La Fête du Prince” or “H.S.H. The Sovereign Prince’s Day”, this holiday marks the official ascension of Prince Albert II to the throne on this day in 2005.

The date for National Day could change depending on the reigning Prince, and the day of the saint they were named after. The previous Prince Rainier III, chose 19 of November the day that celebrates St. Rainier, instead of the day of St. Albert, (15 November). 

When Prince Albert II succeeded his father in 2005, he decided to honor his father and maintain the National Day on November 19th, St. Rainier of Arezzo’s day.

This cheerful holiday is celebrated with fireworks, people displaying the Monaco flags and making everything white and red themed. Prince Albert II carries out a presentation of medals in the Courtyard of the Palace. A mass is given in the St. Nicholas Cathedral the next morning, followed by a parade. As part of the celebrations, the City Hall of Monaco also offers a show for children and two gala evenings are held at Espace Léo Ferré.

Monaco’s National Day is also being celebrated at La Condamine Market on the Place d’Armes on the 15th and 16th as well as the 19th of November. There’ll be lots of delicious local food specialties to taste and to buy.