No Finish Line 2012 – The Results

No Finish Line 2012 came to a close on 25 November at 2pm, after a ‘fun for most, grueling for a few’ event that set new records.

SAS Princess Charlene of Monaco attended the final day and took part in the inaugural lap of honour for the 13th edition of the event.

Participants journeyed an incredible 275,000 kms during the 8 days, raising the cash-equivalent of €275,000 for childrens’ charities worldwide. Last year’s record-breaking total was beaten by 42,000 kms.

8,700 people of all ages and social backgrounds took part this year, more than 2,000 more than 2011.Record attendances at the final day of No Finish Line 2012

The Best Man was Didier Sessegelo of France. He clocked a new record of 1041kms, beating last year’s record held by William Sichel of Scotland.

Sara Barnett of Australia regained her title and ran an impressive 833kms this year.

Of more importance was the prize for Best Team, won by the Metropole Fashion Team. The luxury Monte-carlo hotel and their friends from the world of fashion raised – with CityOut’s help too – a lycra-dazzling €14,552.Metropole’s Fashion Run cut a dash. Image: Albert Colman

No Finish Line, one of Monaco’s most popular family events, returns on 16 November 2013.

Metropole Fashion Run 2012
No Finish Line 2010

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