Protecting the Monacology

What: Monacology 2012
Where: Quai Antoine 1er
When: 12-15 June 2012, 9am to 5pm
Admission: free

From saving turtles to solar-powered yachts, Monaco continues to lead the field in promoting a healthy ecology and a more sustainable use of resources throughout the world. Prince Albert himself is widely known not simply as a head of state but also one of the world’s most active ambassadors on environmental matters. Following his lead, Kate Powers and Didier Rubiolo, founders ofStars’n’Bars, joined Olivier Arnoud – formerly of the Association Act for Nature – in 2005 to create Monacology, Monaco’s first public education program for the environment.

For the last eight years, Monacology has been reaching out to young people to help them learn about green matters and encourage them to keep an interest in safeguarding the planet. This year the programme is even more varied than ever, with the participation of local and international organizations, and schools from throughout the Alpes-Maritimes region and Italy.  They’ll all be there for one reason: to have fun by learning all about the ecology!
On the programme this year:

Make your own… The Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports will feature workshops and activities on a wide range of exciting projects: making a wind turbine, making recycled paper, powering a car using sunlight and water, and making a battery from citrus fruit. A further series of activities, offered by the Lyçée François d’Assise Nicolas Barré, includes demonstrations of a home made solar oven and water filtration.

Play the game The traditional ‘jeu de l’oie’ takes on a new spin with this giant-sized board game played between teams. It’s designed to teach children respect for the ecology and a healthy sense of eco-citizenship. Participants must work as a group to find the best solutions to the challenge of preserving the environment.

Be an eco-tourist: Monaco’s Directorate of Tourism and Congress helps children plan their next holiday, choosing transport, their destination and their hotel according to environmentally sound criteria and showing the the difference careful planning can make.

Protect our forests: The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. This maximum-activity children’s workshop given by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation aims to explain the issues of deforestation and the right actions to take to protect forests.

Going atomic: The International Agency for Atomic Energy has developed a detailed programme of workshops covering four areas to do with contamination and pollution. The first two – on fishing pollutants and ocean acidification – are highly relevant to the Mediterranean: children participate in an experiment with researchers to highlight the various impacts on marine life. The other sessions focus on the different sorts of radioactivity and the ever-important question of cleaning a contaminated environment.

Recycling:  Whatever happened to the analogue phone, the floppy disk and Minitel? Amazingly, these recent developments in communication have all passed into history – or are about to do so in the case of Minitel. But in a world where consumer goods are outdated almost as soon as they’re invented, what do we do about recycling, especially hazardous electronics, plastics, metals and chemicals? This workshop by Monaco Telecom aims to provide the answers. This is also the theme of the eighth Monacology conference on Thursday 14 June at 6pm in Stars’n’Bars

Waste sorting game: How fast can you sort out your rubbish? Household management nowadays encourages us all to separate and recycle, and this game is designed to teach children exactly that – with prizes for the fastest sorters!

Bio Logika and the Polar Ice: The ever popular Bio Logika play workshops continue this year with an illustrated exploration of the endangered environment of the Arctic and Antarctic, with the help of those two loveable characters Pinguini the Penguin and Chouchou the little Pebble. What is the wildlife like in these remote areas of the earth? How do you travel? And what’s it all got to do with climate change? Ideal for small children.

Electric Vehicles: Did you know Monaco is home to one of the most innovative electric car companies in the world? Venturi Automobiles are constantly developing new ways to extend their cutting-edge vehicles. At Monacology, Venturi will be demonstrating a zero-emission vehicle capable of operating in extreme weather conditions of the south pole. The ‘Antarctica’ is the first electric vehicle to operate on that continent, powered by non-fossil energy such as wind and sun. Children can discover this innovative vehicle for themselves from 12 to 15 June 2012.

Also on show for the second year running will be the amazing eTricks electric bike from SEV. Thanks to their inventive design, these lightweight, maintenance-free, battery-assisted bikes are making real inroads in all areas of cycling – from city shopping to mountain biking and beyond.  Their motto? Preserve the planet while being friendly, fun and frugal!


Wildlife artist Spencer Hodge!
Save the Whale!
Flower pot painting and cactuses planting!
Jungle World Live broadcast from Monaco Radio (12 June 4.30 to 6pm)

Admission to all the events at Monacology is free throughout the week.