Renting a property in Monaco

Whether you’re intending to move long-term to Monaco, or are here for only a short stay, there are plenty of opportunities to rent in the Principality.

Rental state of play in October 2020

There are currently just over 400 apartments available for rent in Monaco, which gives you plenty of choice.  Rental has remained stable and if anything the price is drifting slightly upwards, with a strong level of enquiries.

The average price per metre per month is currently being quoted at just under €90 a metre. At the high end of the market there are 16 apartments with a price of €70,000 or more per month, (€840,000 per annum). Between €25,000 per month and €70,000 per month there are 35 apartments available.  At the bottom end of the market there are 57 studios or small one-bedroom apartments available at under €2500 a month.

If you have a large family to move into Monaco there are only two apartments available currently with 5+ bedrooms, and they come at an average price of €106,000 a month. But if you can squeeze everyone in your extended family into a smaller number, there are seven apartments with just five bedrooms only at an average price of €61,933 a month.

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