Salsa Monaco 2013

Monaco gets set to step to the Cuban beat for the 8th edition of the International Monaco Salsa Festival, from 22 to 24 March 2013.

There’s a packed three days of events and performances featuring some of the world’s very best artists and DJs, shows, workshops and awesome nights to entertain fans of the popular music and dance genre.

salsamonaco-posterThis year’s SalsaMonaco program is as follows:

Friday 22 March
9pm: Opening night
10pm: Shows
11pm-4am: DJ Party in 2 rooms
Venue: Salle du Canton

Saturday 23 March
10am-5pm: Workshops @ Stade Louis II
9pm: Venue Opens
0pm: Shows
11pm-6am: DJ Party in 2 rooms
Venue: Salle du Canton

Sunday 24 March
10am-3pm: Workshops @ Stade Louis II
6pm-4am: Dance Marathon @ Le Life Club

To book tickets or to get more info, visit the SalsaMonaco official website.