Shooting in Sicily

Entrepot Gallery opens a new autumn exhibition with photographs by Italian Ferdinando Scianna.

21 black-and-white photographs are on display and were all taken in the artist’s native Sicily.

scanna_bagheria1962_2Bagheria (1962) by Ferdinando Scianna

The collection includes religious festivals, social events, and bodies contorted by mysterious forces.

sanna_enna1963Enna (1963) by Ferdinando Scianna

Entrepot Gallery owner Daniel Boeri said: “Scianna takes a moment in time and through his images creates a visual event. His pictures were taken 40 or 50 years ago, yet they speak to us today.”

scanna_prizzi1964Prizzi (1964) by Ferdinando Scianna

Scianna was a Magnum Agency photo-journalist who worked worldwide and close friend of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Yet the Italian never forgets his native Sicily and always says he takes his photographs with his “Sicilian eye”.

Siciliens runs from 12 October to 16 November

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