‘Showtime’ for Opération Pièces Jaunes

What: Operation Pièces Jaunes
Where: Place Masséna, Nice
When: 5 February 2011 from 1pm to 8pm
Web: www.piecesjaunes.fr

An exciting programme of events, workshops and stalls, including an ‘Olympic village’ and performances by singers and groups including Billy, top model-turned-electro-rocker Baptiste Giabiconi, R&B star Sheryfa Luna andCollectif Métissé, will combine to make Nice the place to be this weekend. And the whole event is being staged on behalf of children’s charity Opération Pièces Jaunes.

For twenty years Pièces Jaunes has been gathering loose change for charity, supporting hundreds of projects to improve living conditions for kids in hospitals up and down the country. Aided by the twin mascots ‘Heads’ and ‘Tails’, the idea is to give whatever you have – however large or small, contributing to a local piggy-bank that ultimately can be used to pay for real life-changing improvements.

jaunesBeing in hospital is a difficult and anxious experience at any time of life, but for a child or adolescent there’s the additional struggle of boredom and isolation from families and friends. It’s with the hope of putting a smile back on these children’s faces thatOperation Pièces Jaunes was launched. Spearheaded by Bernadette Chirac, former First Lady of France, the fundraising drive has so far helped 6,500 projects to come to fruition.

Earlier this year 10,000 individual yellow piggy bank boxes were put in place throughout Nice – in shops, bakeries, pharmacies, post offices, offices and schools. They will be brought to Place Masséna on Saturday, February 5, 2011 for a ceremonial weigh-in at 2pm by the Banque de France, and certificates handed out to the generous donors.

As well as the constellation of stars mentioned above, Mme Chirac will be appearing in Nice on Saturday along with mayor Christian Estrossi, and current president of Pièces Jaunes, footballer Christian Karembeu.