Some Interesting Facts About Horse-racing

The sport of horse-racing might have started because of kings and emperors, but in recent times it has become more of a gamble for ordinary people. It’s an interesting pastime for the horseracing enthusiasts and punters all over the world. Whether a punter is a beginner or a seasoned professional, online horserace betting has made it very easy for all of them to win a fortune. 

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One question many people ask is whether horserace betting is legal in Australia or not. The fact of the matter is that there has been an explosion of online horserace betting in the world, causing it to become a 21st Century sensation. Thus, the bottom line is that punters can freely and legally place bets on horses in Australia, Europe and indeed, anywhere on the planet via their computers or even their mobile phones.

Considering the fame and the growing trend of betting on horses, in this article we will share some of the most interesting facts about this incredible sport. So let’s begin discussing each fact one by one.

1- The Desired Weight of the Competing Horses 

The thoroughbred horses are bred making sure they grow up lightweight and agile, that’s why they do not weigh more than 1,000 lbs or 453.60 kg. Their weight is actually much lighter than the weight of horses of other breeds. This trend is fairly new, because racehorses were bred to have bigger, stronger and heavier bodies in the past.

2- The Required Age of Horses

In the entire history of horseracing, no horse over the age of 18 years has ever won a race. Considering that a horse only lives for 25 to 30 years, the maximum desirable age of the competing horses is 15 but most winners are younger than this.

3- Retired Horses

Racehorses that retire from the sport mostly become dressage horses. Even the gold cup winning horses like Denman and Kauto Star have gone on to become dressage horses. 

4- Gaining Popularity of Horseracing

Some people are of the opinion that horseracing is an old sport and it’s passion among people is diminishing, but this is isn’t true. Horseracing is actually gaining more and more popularity with each passing year. More than 5.6 million people attended these races at 1,369 fixtures in 2013, and in 2015 that number went up to 6 million. Moreover, the popularity of horseracingcan be validated by the fact that more than 10 million people in the world watched the Grand National in 2016.

5- Safety in Grand National 

For several decades, the Grand National is known to be the most dangerous and riskiest horse race in the world. But what most of the people don’t know is that it’s getting safer and safer every year by reducing the size of the fences and improving the quality of the competing horses. That’s why more and more people have been reported to tune in to watch the event live.

Knowing these facts about horseracing not only makes this sport more interesting, but also makes you understand the growing enthusiasm for it throughout the world. This enthusiasm has led to the creation of numerous competitive online horseracing betting agencies that have even made it possible to place live bets on the race. We hope you take advantage of them and make enough money to move to Monaco!