Sunshine for Life

What Sunshine Yoga
When: weekly programme
Where: Monte Carlo Bay Hotel
Cost: from €25 per session

Sometimes, Monaco can be a stressful place to live: the combination of sun, smiles and sycophants can make your blood boil by the end of the week! But there’s a perfect way to unwind: head down to the Monte Carlo Bay Hoteland pay a visit to Sunshine Yoga.

Run by the utterly delightful and glowing Annette Shine, they provide Yoga classes to suit all levels and demands. The weekly program ranges fromDynamic Yoga (Tuesdays at 7pm, for the more advanced among you) held on the outdoor terrace overlooking the pool and gardens, to Saturday morningIyengar Yoga, fabulous for beginners or those who’ve not practised for a while.

The session I shall be attending every week is the Thursday night Yin Yogawith Cathy. I’ve tried nearly all types of Yoga from Bikram to Hatha to Astanga, but I literally left her class floating on air: the icing on the cake is that she sings to you in the last few minutes of the relaxation phase – sheer bliss!Annette’s goal is to develop harmony of body, mind, heart and spirit with a training style that respects you and your body and which will suit you – and keep you in a good frame of mind! – throughout your life.

Sunshine Yoga costs €25 per class (less if you block-book) and they hold two to three indoor and outdoor classes every day.

Sessions available in

* Gentle Hatha Yoga
* Power Vinyasa Yoga
* Yoga Pilates Fusion
* Yin Yoga
* YogaFlex
* Inyengar Yoga
* private training