Svalbarði the drink of choice at Sunday’s Club Vivanova Gourmet Wine Lunch

Following on from last month’s dramatic entrance into the Principality ‘s luxury brand’s market, Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water is set for another appearance on the Cote D’Azur, this time in the scenic setting of Eze village’s 5-star Château de La Chèvre d’Or.

On Sunday 30th April, Svalbarði, a carbon-neutral beverage that derives from icebergs gathered in the Svalbard archipelago, will be the drink of choice at gourmet gathering celebrating May Day and Russian Easter.

The lavish three-course luncheon, which will be held in the hotel’s picturesque Eden Restaurant, is the latest exclusive event to be organised by Club Vivanova, a company run by Bradley Mitton, which excels in creating heady mix of culinary excellence and captivating entertainment.

Open to members of Club Vivanova and non-members, lucky guests will be able to sip the ultra-premium water alongside the finest wine hailing from New Zealand following a champagne aperitif; a perfect tonic while basking in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.


The glamorous proceedings will be accompanied by the melodic beat of a live jazz band, a post-lunch presentation from art adviser, Oliver Hawkins and a stunning fashion show from Monaco’s newest luxury men’s fashion label, 209 Mare.

Svalbarði, which derives from small iceberg pieces that would otherwise melt into the ocean, is gaining increasing prominence within the Riviera, not only due to its clean, crisp taste but also its humanitarian heart. The luxury water works to raise awareness of climate change with a percentage of every sale donated to the Svalbard Global Seed Bank to preserve food crops from the damages wrought by global warming.

Svalbarði’s inclusion at this weekend’s sophisticated event follows the exciting announcement that Maison del Gusto, an international gourmet provisioner, is set to begin distributing the drink in Monaco henceforth. Alternatively, buyers can purchase Svalbarði by clicking here.

Original press release provided by Relevance.