The Clever Kitchen – review

CityOut reviews the debut workshop from The Clever Kitchen, a new concept in practical nutrition training and education for busy mums and dads in and around Monaco.

The Clever Kitchen opened the doors on its first interactive class in Monaco, hosting an Introduction to Superfoods.

The informative group session was held in the comfort of a super-apartment in Rue Grimaldi and eagerly listened to by a roomful of concerned and curious mothers. They learned the secrets to preparing healthy, tasty super-snacks for their families.

The 90-minute event was hosted by Naomi Buff, food blogger/cooking enthusiast, and Susan Tomasini, professional nutritionist. Both are experts in the field of healthy eating and super-mums themselves.

The theme of the day was “Super-Snacks” – alternatives to the all too often consumed sugary, non-nutritious convenience foods given to children at home and at school.

Simple, quick, and easy-to-prepare treats, made in front of the participants, were tasty and packed with goodness. Delicious Gluten-free chocolate cookies and savoury pumpkin and sunflower seeds were sampled hot from the oven. Afterwards, a refreshing, uber-healthy chocolate shake, packed with super-ingredient MACA, was served.

Nutritional information was provided during the actual preparation and professional helpful hints shared.

Discussions included Bio vs non-Bio, the importance of fiber in the daily diet, and which oils are best for food preparation. It was a relaxed open forum for questions and answers throughout.

Everyone who came was given recipes and nutritional information to take away, plus the sources where to buy some of the less easy to find ingredients was provided.

Apart from The Clever Kitchen’s fun, friendly format, there is a serious side to all of this. What we eat affects both physical and mental health. Small dietary changes make a big difference in the well being of the family. “Buy Natural, Eat Natural” is the mantra for healthy meals, encouraging us to eat as close to the natural state as possible, as nature intended.

The Clever Kitchen will be hosting further events, all aiming to provide healthy information for the whole family. Pay a visit and provide your family with the most nutritional diet for their health and energy.

Look out for more inspirational The Clever Kitchen workshops in and around Monaco from March 2013.

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