The Most Intelligent Animals on Earth

For centuries, humans have invested a lot of money to attend expensive schools to become more intelligent and wise. However, animals have not had that pleasure. Nevertheless, a lot of animals are so surprisingly intelligent that sometimes you might wonder if there is a school for animals somewhere out there

You may well be curious and want to know which kinds of animals are amazingly sharp and clever and how we can gauge their intelligence. Indeed, we have an interesting revelation in this regard that may well surprise you; such miracles personify the natural beauty of nature. Moreover, you might just match the miracles of nature when taking part in some of the best rated online casinos and land yourself a small fortune which could provide you with the opportunity to travel the world and see these clever-beasts in their natural habitats for yourself!

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins are one of the most brilliant species when it comes to making use of their sounds. The animals harness their vocal talent so that they can be identified. Early in their life cycle, the dolphin produces its own exclusive vocal whistle that gives it an individual identity that stays with it for life.

Adding to that, dolphins offer each other nursery help. If a member of its group is injured they help them surface in the water so that they are able to breathe. Furthermore, this friendly and lovely creature is also able to sense and calculate danger. Many dolphins have protected humans from sharks. They create a circle to protect swimmers to keep the sharks away from humans.


As described by Aristotle,  the elephant is “the animal that surpasses all others in wit and mind.” Elephants have a brilliant ability to learn, and furthermore, Elephants demonstrate a wide variety of behaviours, including those associated with grief, learning, mimicry, play, altruism, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, memory, communication and self-awareness. Indeed, they are one of the few animals that can recognise itself in a mirror and they also maintain family ties throughout their lives.


Most surprising of all are our much-maligned rodent friends, rats. Scientists discovered that rats make their decision based on what they do, not what they don’t do. Moreover, like elephants rats also self-aware and are natural students who excel at learning and comprehending taught concepts. Remarkably, they are also one of the few animals who are thought to dream just like humans do. They make a strong relationship with their owners and with their peers and, like dogs,  have the ability to learn their names whenever they are called. some scientific studies also suggest that they may be able to count, although they would be unlikely to offer you any betting advice. However, at New Zealand casino online you can play exciting casino games that are related to rats so perhaps they could help you that way instead.