The new luxury: Purified air on superyachts

The level of owner or guest comfort aboard yachts sits at a high level and emerging yachting companies are on a mission to offer something new to enhance overall wellbeing.

This increased demand for eco-friendly solutions on superyachts has paved the way for products that conform to the interior standards required on some of the world’s finest vessels.

We interview Angus Reid and Craig Morris from Hestia Yacht Purification about their aim to satisfy the superyacht industry’s need for odour and pathogen free air. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your backgrounds and why Hestia Yacht Purification started? 

Jean François Morlot, one of the Hestia founders in Monaco is heavily involved in food distribution to the various United Nation missions around the world. Ozone technology has been used in the food industry for decades to prolong shelf-life and allow for the transport of fresh products across the globe. 

Identifying the huge potential in the yachting and luxury hotel market for an eco-friendly chemical free purification solution, they worked closely with leading ozone company Bio-Fresh to develop the products that we have on offer today. 

We were approached by Hestia to manage their entrance and distribution into the luxury yacht market. Angus has a proven yachting background working on yachts and as a yacht agent, while Craig has developed and marketed products in several countries for about 20 years after selling his company in South Africa in early 2000.  

We are impressed daily by the ability our ozone generators have to pass any test that yacht crew throw at it.

Can you describe what the core products are for Hestia? 

We have two yacht-focused portable units called the CubO3 Deluxeand the Mini CubO3cthat are used to quickly and safely purify the living environment onboard, by turning oxygen (O2) into ozone gas (O3) which destroys odours and bacteria and then assists in turning any remaining ozone gas back into oxygen. The fastest programme on these models allows for treatment and rehabitation of a room in just 15 minutes. 

We also have an OdorO3unit, designed to be fitted into the galley extractor duct to treat cooking odours during the journey out of the pipe. 

Purified air where and when it’s needed most

The results of the Hestia machines extend beyond on-charter perks; purified living areas are becoming the latest superyacht industry must-have.  

The portable units are quickly demonstrating how smart technology can be efficient and appealing due to its availability, flexibility and performance.  They offer ultimate protection for a refreshed atmosphere, especially in areas of high-traffic on yachts with a choice of purification settings to create optimal comfort while at anchor or underway at sea. 

Common feedback about the Hestia machines from Captains and crew focus on their appreciation that when the need arises, they can combat an odour before a complaint from the guests has been made. 

A 48-metre superyacht praises Hestia’s ability to do the job, “We use Hestia as we have regularly had issues over the years with grey water smells in the port twin cabin, and sometimes diesel smells in the lower guest area after the tank has been filled right to the top and we go to sea. We also use them on the crew cabins when possible as we have no way of ever airing them out. The cabins smell like fresh mountain air after using it. I would highly recommend it to other boats. The choice of program length is great, as you can quickly blast a cabin while a guest is off the boat to minimize any temporary nasty odours, and the long cycles are great for eliminating heavy duty smells.”

Owners and guests recognise the trend in green initiatives within yachting and are showing demand for alternatives. Craig says, “We’re happy to see a more conscientious yachting industry slowly take shape and are proud to offer an eco-friendly solution for yachts. Our aim is to make the machines the differentiator for superyachts so they become the norm by providing a totally chemical free, residue free and maintenance free solution to onboard purification.”

Benefits for yacht charters

Charter yachts are Hestia’s biggest market segment, as they value the benefit and peace of mind of having the CubO3 onboard as an ‘odour insurance’ for when the need arises. 

Some common challenges that can be solved include eradicating tobacco smells (even from soft furnishings), pet smells and odours from cleaning products, food and beverages – a practical solution for zones with high-quality linens and expensive carpets, cushions and curtainsthat need safeguarding.

Hestia is stamping their mark as a problem-solver for busy charter yachts, some that face pressure with 24-hour turnarounds where the charter depends on a quick and reliable solution. 

 “On two occasions last summer we had owners, captains and charter brokers thank us for saving the charter. The guests had threatened to cancel the rest of the trip unless the master cabin odour (fuel and grey water smell) was eradicated.  We have some great success stories to tell!”, Angus adds.

The future of air purification

Ozone technology has been around for over 100 years in city water treatment, for decades in the food and hotel sector and now in the yachting industry.  In any given programme with the Hestia machines, the production phase is one-third of the time and the remaining two-thirds is used to assist in turning the ozone back into oxygen.  

“We now use the Hestia machine as a cleaning routine in our interior maintenance plan,” says a 72-metre charter yacht.  “They are easy to carry and store, user-friendly, with no use of consumable products. It’s the fastest cure for odours and bacteria in any area on board. We would recommend Hestia to other yachts.”

Hestia ozone machines edge out competitors in the yachting market due to their maintenance free technology (they use plasma bulbs which lose no efficiency and do not need to be changed every few months like the old UV technology), their app, after-sales service and warranty, alongside their European and EUO3TA certification permitting them to legally sell the machines in Europe.  

What has Hestia got planned for the future?  Craig announces, “We’re constantly testing and developing new accessories which will allow for more functions.  We’re present on yachts all over the world from 30 to over 100-metres and the future looks bright.”

As yacht owners and charter guests continue to put comfort at the forefront of their decisions, onboard air purification should no longer be considered an indulgence.